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AG WhatsApp APK Download 2023 [Latest Version & Premium Features]

AG WhatsApp APK Download is the best-customized version of WhatsApp that provides the facility to send like, and love reacts to anyone. You can download this AG WhatsApp APK from here. AG WhatsApp APK Download is an android app developed by Alumni of Aurobindo Institute of Engineering and Management (AIIM) that allows users to send like and love react to any other person using their smartphone or laptop.


NameAG WhatsApp
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Version V28
Size52 MB
MOD FeaturesLatest Version & Premium Features


The app works on the same principle as WhatsApp Messenger but comes with extra features. By adding AG2WhatsApp to your phone or tablet you get access to complete group messaging feature that allows you to share games, locations, events or activities with a bunch of people all around the world in one simple click. The best part is that it also works offline so if you have a bad internet connection then you can still use it without an internet connection.

AG WhatsApp has become a go-to tool for communication globally and is being used more and more as people take to using it instead of other ways like SMS, instant messaging, etc. This app allows you to send and receive messages from your friends or contacts using the WhatsApp Messenger app on your device.

This WhatsApp application is one of the top mass communication apps that millions use every day all over the world without any issues in terms of security or compatibility with their phones. AG WhatsApp APK is a complete app for the Android platform. It has a plethora of features providing access to different features like downloading to APK, taking pictures, videos, editing contact info and other things.

The messaging app WhatsApp has built a huge user base with it’s simple and easy-to-use interface. However, many users have complaints regarding privacy. There are some great features like channel messages but there are also some that come with hidden risks. This app has been hacked, there is a dark market to buy the stolen data and hackers can also create fake WhatsApp accounts as well as steal data from users.


Lately, the number of WhatsApp users has been on the rise. WhatsApp is now the most used instant messenger among teenagers and adults. It’s also about to enter a new phase of growth, and it might be interesting for you to know more about WhatsApp updates.

When you are using AG WhatsApp, you have to register for it. It takes about a week for this registration process to go through and when your registration is successful then everything will be ready for you. You need to download the new app on your phone, enable the app and start sending messages

If you have used WhatsApp for a long time, you might have noticed that the application keeps on asking for your authentication. This is because some of the features of the WhatsApp app may not work properly if you delete it.

Today, everyone is thinking about the ease of using and sharing their own voice on WhatsApp with its latest version. People are having WhatsApp Voice for all Android devices.

Features of AG Whatsapp

AG Whatsapp is the first chat application that enables you to text a friend or family member anywhere in the world. Just send an SMS and you’ll receive a reply with photos, videos, GIFs and other exciting material. The application has been made to be simple enough for computer users to use and easy enough for mobile users to use.

In this article, we will discuss various features of AG Whatsapp. The application has a lot of stuff under its hood that you can use to make the users feel like they are using WhatsApp.

  • Anti-ban
  • Support on 4.1 and up.
  • Status Downloader.
  • Last seen freeze. Online
  • Specific Pin/Password for each Conversation.
  • Hide the Important Conversation with PIN/Password.
  • Launch Time PIN/Password/Finger Print lock.
  • Use Multiple Accounts in one WhatsApp.
  • Stop From Auto Downloading Media.
  • Allows you to download Custom Auto Download for each conversation Group.
  • Anti-Delete Messages and media.
  • Auto reply
  • Schedule message sending feature.
  • Set Custom Wallpaper.
  • Download 4200+ Custom Themes.
  • One_UI interface.
  • The Urdu language is supported.
  • Pre Urdu Fonts style Added.
  • Hide Blue Tick.

Once a user has created and saved the default message, he can send it multiple times with just one click. The bomb sends a message with a two-way conversation link which informs the recipient that you want to send that specific message again. This makes it easy to use and is convenient for users to keep using their messages in bulk mode without worrying about them getting lost or deleted. This feature allows you to save the default message and transfer it conveniently on another phone or in an email.

When you want to reply using this method, just paste your saved text into the response field while typing a word that is similar to your original text (you can refer this page for more information). When your recipient opens their inbox,

AGWhatsApp Backup

When the company loses the database of your contacts, you can instantly recover it by uploading backup files on your phone. Using this backup, you can quickly transfer your contacts to a new device or import them into WhatsApp Plus if they are already there.

It was found that it is not possible to have a backup of the AG Whatsapp without using Google Drive. The developer Asim has come up with an alternative solution to this problem by having the backup saved on your phone, so you can still be able to save your chats and messages.

Backup of your Whatsapp messages is a must-have feature in any smartphone today. If you want to keep your important messages safe and sound, then you need a backup solution.

We have all these features on our smartphones now and we need to use them. However, not all of us know how to backup our Whatsapp messages but it’s not difficult – it’s just an app on the phone!

Navigation Button

To avoid the unnecessary repetition, it is important to use a navigation button instead of a back button in AG Whatsapp. There are three types of navigation buttons: top navigation button, bottom navigation button and two-way links. The first one is used to move between the different chats, while the bottom one is used in more complicated cases.

With AG Whatsapp, you can see who is in which chat and the other features are just needed to access them. The navigation button helps people navigate between chats and this is an always-on feature that makes the interaction with users very efficient.

Privacy Settings

We are all aware of the importance of privacy to us. After all, it is our right to protect ourselves against being tracked and catered to by our digital devices. Your friends can see what you are doing online and what applications you are using. There are companies that sell or help to create tools to discover your data without your consent.

Social networks like Facebook and Whatsapp have given rise to the popularity of user profiles. The privacy settings that we can enable and the methods we can use to delete these profiles are very much important to make sure that our online activity is safe.

How to Install

One of the most popular chat applications, AG Whatsapp has served its purpose. The application was first introduced to WhatsApp users in 2016 by the company, who wanted to fulfill their needs from a messaging app. Today, the platform is even used by brands for marketing purposes.

AG is a WhatsApp client that allows you to quickly create important WhatsApp messages. It only uses local storage and does not require Google API for the Android development.

If you are working on your own, or on a project, then you might have come across the interface using this app. Unfortunately, there is no official support available for this app.

Here are a few steps to install this app on Android devices:

  • First, you need to click on the Download Button, which we gave in the article. It will redirect you to the new Download Page when you click on it. 
  • Once the page loads completely, again click on the button given there. When you click on it, you will see within a few seconds, and the AG Whastapp starts downloading on your phone. You can see this from the Notification Bar.
  • Once it is done, you need to open the Apk File. For this, go to the File Manager app and then open the Downloads Folder. You need to look for the Apk File of the Whatsapp mod on that folder.
  • If you get it, then just click on it to open it on your phone. 
  • After that, just allow all the permission and tap on the install button. That’s it. 
  • Now go to your phone’s Home screen and click on the icon to start using it. 

The AG Whatsapp is a new WhatsApp client that lets you send and receive messages using voice commands. Unlike traditional messaging apps, which only support text messages and pictures, AG Whatsapp supports both audio and pictures. Download AG Whatsapp for Android or iOS.

Video Review

FAQs about AG Whatsapp APK

AG WhatsApp is an application that was developed for people who want a custom version of WhatsApp. It allows you to send like, and love reacts to anyone. You do not have to go through the process of installing and activating the app. Just send “Like” or “Love” message with AG WhatsApp application.

The AG WhatsApp is an attempt to create a messaging app that is both simple and elegant. The goal was to provide users with a reliable way of sending text messages worldwide, without the need of a phone or Wi-Fi network. As such it aims to simplify messaging by giving users access to features they may not have known existed.

It allows you to send pictures and videos using just one click, while creating an instant messenger experience that works on any device like iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads as well as Windows or Mac computers

Yes, If you are looking for an app that lets you make and send text messages, then AG WhatsApp is a good option. It is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. It is also known as the #1 messaging app in the world.

Final Verdict

The AG WhatsApp APK is a very popular application on the play store. It can be downloaded to your phone but you won’t get the notification of it being updated to the latest version. As things stand now, applications like WhatsApp have both a desktop and a mobile version. This keeps users from switching between them, but could also be a huge source of annoyance for users.

While AG WhatsApp is free, you can’t expect other messaging apps to be so. You need to use an app like Microsoft WhatsApp or Tango for that. They are quite popular and have different features that allow users to use them for messaging. An updated version of AG WhatsApp because people are currently getting tired with the app’s yellow colour due to its poor Android compatibility. In order for their work to be done on time and without any delay, they need a fully functional app.

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