AOT Mobile MOD APK v5.0 Download [Unlimited Money/Freeze Enemies & Premium Unlocked]

The Attack On Titan Mobilegame is an Action and Adventure game series for Android with reflections and gameplay that takes almost all the possible forms. It has been released in different parts – 1st part, 2nd part and 3rd part.


NameAOT Mobile
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Version 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Freeze Enemies & Premium Unlocked
Google Play Linkcom.Julhiecio.AOTOFFMULTY


AOT Mobile MOD APK was released by Koei Tecmo Games in Japan on March 22, 2017, it can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. It is based on the popular manga series of “Attack on Titan” created by Hajime Isayama that is set for release in English version soon. However, this version of the game will be available only for those who already have the manga on their hands.

An Attack on Titan is a manga series that has been adapted into an anime series, movies and video games. The Attack of Titan mobile game is available for Android. The game is free to download and can be played offline as well.

One of the most popular android games that you can find in the Play Store or at least it’s one of them. It has over 30 million downloads and has been highly praised by both critics and players as a result of this success.

AOT Mobile Mod Apk is an ultimate utility that comes with an unlimited source of money and a lot more interesting features like unlimited coins, gold, personalities etc. If you are looking for something like this, then it is the perfect solution for you.


The game is a free-to-play app which aims to provide players with a fun experience. It is a multiplayer, mobile game for all ages which provides the best action in terms of graphics and sound.

You can play it in the background or not. The game is packed with different characters and builds, where each has its own abilities, such as sword fighting, flying, 3D weapons and building houses or buildings. Collecting heroes you can build your own team or create your own hero with your friends.

In this version of the game, the titans have been replaced by mobile game simulators who are trying to survive. The gameplay is similar to “tower defense” games, where you need to protect your empire’s base from invasions while you collect money and equipment.

The game is almost like a platformer. You play as one of the titans and try to survive as long as possible. The game is an interesting sandbox game in which you can do anything you want.

Features of AOT Mobile MOD APK

After completing a mission your character will be upgraded. The level of the game mechanics is increased and enemies will also gain skills as you progress in the game.

A play style that allows you to feel like a close combat fighter that goes up against bosses so it can be challenging and fun at the same time.

  • Strategically deploy your army in real time to fight the giants
  • More than 50 characters, each with their own unique attack and ability
  • Gather the ultimate team and fight for survival
  • Relive the first season of Attack On Titan
  • Amazing voice and art performance
  • Experience original stories not found in anime or manga

This is an action-adventure game that allows players to choose from several weapons and customize their characters. It is a game with a straightforward objective: kill all the enemies. The user can also customize their character as well as his own appearance by combining different items.

Unlimited Money/Freeze Enemies & Premium Unlocked

Unlimited Money/Freeze Enemies & Premium Unlocked AOT Mobile MOD APK is a game from the same developer that made other games like Projection War, i.e. it’s a continuation of their previous games in “one term fight” genre and I have no idea why anyone would be willing to pay for this game!

The best way to describe this game is as a parody of all mobile games in the market right now. It starts off with one character after another being kidnapped by mysterious aliens and tied up in some unknown situation or being abducted by some famous gangsters or being trapped into some crime net where they are locked into some maze-like complex where they have to solve various puzzles as fast as possible or just running around doing stupid stuff like playing hide.

There is no focus on story progression, since the main interest is the puzzle solving. The gameplay revolves around exploration of the environment, collecting items and leveling up to be able to use them in combat against monsters or other players. It’s a kind of “action” RPG with an emphasis on quick-time events (QTE).

Types of games where you’re playing with your phone or tablet screen from one side, and you’re finding items in the world from the other side. These games don’t require much skill to play but they require you to pay attention during play because you need to be aware that items

How to Install

Android is a mobile operating system that makes possible to use software products in more than 3 billion mobile phones all over the world. AOT (Android Oreo) is an update of Android OS with many new and exciting features.

AOT Mobile MOD APK allows you to install a tonal part of the application with this app. With this application, you can install and uninstall applications by one click. You can also add custom icons in the notification panel, change backgrounds for each app, uninstall apps and other features using one button. Also you can choose which icon or background to use for each app that you have installed into AOT Mobile MOD APK without having to go through separate settings page in your phone.

  1. Click on the Download button above.
  2. And you will be directed to a page where you can download the application.
  3. Click Download and observe the Download notification that appears.
  4. That way, Download will run fast.
  5. Wait until the download is completely over and then install the application.

If you are an Android user and searching for the best APK that can support your device in use, you should be aware of how to install AOT Mobile MOD APK on your device.

This is because the AOT plugin for Android allows users to install MODs from multiple sources including file sharing sites and directly from their app store accounts. The installation process is smooth and easy, as every MOD can be easily installed without taking any time or effort.

Video Review

FAQs about AOT Mobile MOD APK

AOT Mobile MOD APK, a game based on the anime Attack on Titan, is an offline and online form of game, which itself is a FANGAME based on the Japanese manga. The game takes place after the manga’s ending and follows a new series of story.

The latest game of the year for Android, AOT Mobile MOD APK comes up to the mark with its simple and straight-forward objective: survive and kill as many titans as possible and collect money to buy equipment and characters.

The AOT Mobile MOD APK was tested by our Anti-Malware platform and it was found 100% safe. AOT Mobile Mod is an application that provides the users with a new way to access the internet without any distractions. It is a light weight and easy to use mobile app that allows the user to browse, search and read articles in a hassle-free manner.

Final Verdict

Attack on Titan Mobile that is coming soon will feature its own version of a battle royale where players can fight against their own personal army and live up to their title as heroes in real life by winning the tournament. Sounds interesting? Keep reading more about this upcoming app and get prepared for your next adventure.

This game was made for the people who were looking for an alternative to the old-school Solitaire and other games. With In-game purchases and Ads, this game is quite a bit different than other games. This has loads of interesting gameplay and many other entertaining modes like adventure, sandbox, and role playing as well.

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