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Board Games are a great way to pass the time and provide entertainment for your friends and family. That Board Game is simple and easy to understand, yet it has the components of a board game. This is one reason why it has the reputation for being one of the best categories to focus on in marketing campaigns. A good Board Game campaign will be able to capture the attention of a wide audience and keep them interested until they discover what’s going on.

Some board games can be played with pieces such as: Chess, Checkers, Rummy, Backgammon and so on. But none of them provides an alternative to this game category. In any case; it is still very hard in general for me to understand how the game categories are different from each other. Even though chess is rather simple in terms of rules, I have never seen a game which has only one rule.

Something that helps me understand the difference better would be if you could explain what exactly is a piece of the board? Is it a man or woman? What happens if they move too far away from each other? How many pieces can they have on their side at any given moment?

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