King of Avalon MOD APK is a mod for King of Avalon by KingTura Team. The main goal for this mod is to add additional content, new features and improvements to an already impressive gaming experience. The main feature that users will enjoy with this mod are royal weapons, royal armor sets, royal mounts and special events such as “King’s Challenge”.

Using these items will greatly enhance an individual’s gameplay experience. They are available in both treasure chests as well as from story-related quests that give out bonus rewards when completed. These quests can be completed at any time during their respective missions.


NameKing of Avalon
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Version 13.3.2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Money & Premium Unlocked
DeveloperCentury Games Publishing
Google Play Linkcom.funplus.kingofavalon


The Knight’s Quest mod is a strategy RPG set in the medieval era set in Europe. The game takes place in the middle ages, when people relied on wooden weapons to fight against each other. As technology was improving, the needs changed to more mobile and powerful weapons (like guns), which needed more ammunition to hit their targets.

In order not to waste precious ammo, all enemies had a limited number of ammunition before they would become saturated with bullets and explode when firing at you. This means that you have very limited ammunition as well as bad shooting penalties when fighting against enemy units that have ammunition running low or explode after being fired at.

When we play these games, we feel like we are really in the medieval world or in any other fantasy world. The gameplay of this game gives us an opportunity to feel what it feels like to be on the battlefield fighting against players from another country.

Even if you are playing this game on your phone, you can feel like you are really on those battlefields with knights fighting for their land over opponents from other countries who have to pay their soldiers to fight for them. This is a wonderful experience.


The King of Avalon MOD apk allows you to simulate playing the game as if it was played by real players on the Internet. You can play it online with your friends or with strangers from around the world. This app gives its users an opportunity to prepare their own game before getting into action and get into shape.

A free-to-play strategy based real-time MMORPG that focuses on PvP and PvE battles. It was released in 2014, and it is one of the most well known MMORPG games since then. This is a simple game to play but also has plenty of features to make it one of the most popular ones out there. However, it also has some problems that need to be addressed.

In this article, we will focus on how to optimize your gameplay with the help of King of Avalon MOD APK which is an open world puzzle game triggered through an actual magic power source which players can use in order to solve their puzzling mysteries.

Experience a different world in which you can become an adventurer in this fantasy world! The entire world has been captured, so you can try out different worlds and characters. The game also has many options for customizing your character as well as classes to choose from. You will also be able to build your own kingdom and develop relationships with other heroes! You can even create an alliance and cooperate with other players! There are many exciting features, so check it out now!

Features of King of Avalon MOD APK

We all know the Arthur legend and its medieval resonants. King Arthur, who lived in early modern England and is known as the rightful king, was a chivalrous knight who fought for justice and security of the people. The legend of King Arthur is also well-known in countries such as Japan.

His story was popularly known through oral tradition, painting, and engravings by other artists that date back to Middle Ages, with King Arthur’s Pendragon Knight (Arthur Pendragon) being an important figure in this tradition. King of Avalon MOD APK is a free turn-based strategy game that has been in development for a longer time. In this MOD APK, you can play as the king of the world.

  • War! Everywhere
  • Multiplayer kingdom war alliances!
  • Dragons! A legendary weapon of mass destruction
  • Send a spy to your enemies
  • Chat & play! 
  • Research and master army attack
  • Build the foundations of an Empire
  • Experience realist gameplay in every mission
  • Epic free MMO fantasy adventure! 
  • Unlimited Gold
  • MOD Unlocked

A unique RPG that provides you with very memorable gaming experience and by spending some hours on this game, you will realize that there’s not only a story to be enjoyed but also a step forward in the game development.

Unlimited Gold/Money & Premium Unlocked

This mod provides unlimited Gold/Money and Premium Unlocked for King of Avalon. The game is a turn-based strategy game. The basic objective is to accumulate as much gold and silver by winning battles in order to expand your kingdom, build up your armies, and protect your borders from other kingdoms.

This includes the use of diplomacy to gain economic advantages over other towns or kingdoms that do not agree with you, or use military tactics in order to defend borders.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything

The game offered players the chance to play as a wizard, knight and even a dragon. Players could choose between the classes and their careers, which would change depending on who they chose to play with.

As the game progressed through patches, more content was added to the game; during this period, there were at least 7 major updates (1-8). This was all done in an effort to maintain content for each class and keep them at a competitive level.

How to Install

King of Avalon is a pixelated pixel based strategy game developed by Atlus for iOS. The gameplay is simple, being an abstracted version of the popular strategy game Chess. In order to win the game, each player needs to build a path from its starting point to your opponent’s castle. By checking their terrain, you can gain intelligence on what their options are and use that information to help you choose a winning move.

There are plenty of APK that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. However, some of these APKs require root access in order to install them. The King of Avalon MOD Mod is one of such apps that need rooted device in order to install it.

Here are a few steps to install this app on Android devices:

  • Click on the download button below to download.
  • Wait until the download completes, then open it.
  • Install the app on your android device.
  • Follow all the instructions given inside.
  • Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic game.

The installation process is simple, so this mod is suitable for players from all levels of skill. In order to be invincible on the field of battle, it’s necessary to have a good amount of Magic Power and Magic Defense. By equipping the sword and shield at the same time, you can unleash an amazing attack. It allows you to enjoy battles with very strong opponents!

Video Review

FAQs about King of Avalon MOD APK

King of Avalon is a skill-based strategy game based on Dragon Warfare. This is a skill-based strategy game where you can feel like a king. You are the commander and make decisions on how your troops will fight. The campaign takes place over 25 years in medieval Europe. You need to ensure that your forces do not lose their power and keep them loyal to you so that you can win the game.

The more you can control the game, the more force you can have to fight your enemy. If you don’t have a strong army, you could be defeated. After that, he mentioned how different games are designed to represent different aspects of life. He then gave his impressions on how some games do this and why they do it.

Download Apk, Install it and then run with the King of Avalon Mod APK. Then you can play the game and have lots of fun. King of Avalon Mod is a hack for Mortal Kombat X. It is a simple hack that allows the player to play with all five characters from Mortal Kombat X without purchasing them individually from in-game store or spending money.

Final Verdict

It has been a year now since the first game was released in October 2017. The developers have received praise from gamers from all over the world. King of Avalon MOD APK is an Android mobile game app which requires a free subscription to download or play. It is an RTS-based strategy game that allows players to battle against other players, fight to become the leader of a kingdom and win the ultimate goal of becoming king of Avalon.

A free-to-play strategy game that has been downloaded more than 3 million times on the Play Store. Some think it is quite similar to Clash of Clans, but there are some differences, like the fact that this game was developed by a single developer. Also, have you ever heard of a game called Thirty Flights of Loving? I mean, how can you not know about those two games?

Still, the similarities are very much in evidence and they are superbly executed by King of Avalon MOD APK. This game is all about building your own kingdom in which you will need to make all kinds of decisions using everything at your disposal – money, workers and resources – to survive and thrive over time.