The popularity of KM Whatsapp is increasing every day because there are lots of things happening with this app such as chatting, texting, sending pictures, receiving messages, etc. The most popular feature of WhatsApp messenger is its simplicity – no need for any complicated settings or passwords for making a connection.

One can simply open up their mobile phone and send some messages or simply make a call which will be automatically connected with your existing chats on the phone.


NameKM Whatsapp
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.3+
MOD FeaturesLatest Version/Anti-Ban & Premium Unlocked


KM Whatsapp APK Download has some new functions and options that give its users the best interface. Moreover, it has improved their communication experience. You will get to know about the new features of KM WhatsApp APK Download for Android.

A new interface that allows its users to connect with their friends and family, without the need for them to download an app. The platform is considered as one of the most innovative products in the industry today. It also has some other functions on top of this. The platform comes up with some new options for its users that help them make better use of the service.

This application is a fun way to stay in touch and get closer to your friends. If you are like me, you may have had a few guys in a while but the only drawback was that they were all on WhatsApp and now they have joined WhatsApp. You can get away from them and talk to whoever you want on WhatsApp. So with this app, you can do that too – even if only for a short period of time.

KM Whatsapp APK Download is not only for boys but also for girls as well as men! As per an internet survey conducted by Union Home Ministry, almost 94% of Indian women use it compared to 82% of male respondents. Now let us see if we find any hints related to diversity within the gender pyramid when it comes to using KM Whatsapp-App.


KM Whatsapp APK Download is a highly customizable application. It lets you create, share, delete and archive contacts and messages in an encrypted way. The app is available for both Android & IOS. Whatsapp can be downloaded on Android.

A messaging app for mobile phones. It was initially developed for sending messages to other friends and family members. In 2013, it has become popular as an instant messaging app within WhatsApp. An average user uses the WhatsApp to transfer money, post text messages, schedule meetings, share photos and videos with friends.

Keep in mind, the KM Whatsapp APK Download is one of the most popular applications with a large fan following on WhatsApp. This application has a variety of features that are of great help to its users. Through this application, it is possible to use apps like WhatsApp and Signal so that messages can be sent from their devices without the need for internet connection.

Features of KM Whatsapp

This KM Whatsapp MOD provides a flexible platform for managing business correspondence. The user can add contacts to the list, exchange text messages with them and also send them payments. This PRO has its own distinctive feature of notifying the user when there is a change in the status of any contact. One can spend more time than usual on this feature.

  • KM WA supports only the latest Android devices. Older versions will not work
  • Adding 250+ characters
  • Emojis in a new style
  • Alert notification ringtones in advance
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Contaminated Status Videos
  • You can send large media files to your family members
  • Unique and awesome functions

In this MOD, we have a very old feature of synchronizing two contacts. They are both displayed in similar screen and each contact can be ‘swapped’. Thus our task is to perform all necessary actions from the side of an existing contact who is either added or removed from the list and vice versa.

Anti Ban

As a SMS marketing company, we need to be on the alert for SMS bans in the Indian market. The ban can impact our customers and it is not easy to get out from this situation. We have to consider the following points before introducing a new feature.

Anti Ban: One of the most common features of WhatsApp is to detect other people reading your messages. The WhatsApp API loves to catch you. So, in order to prevent any message interception, WhatsApp takes measures to protect its users by blocking messages that contain certain words or phrases related to certain banned topics.

Hide Online Status

The presence of a “Company” status on KM WhatsApp is not just a pre-requisite for keeping all contacts be it a business or a friend, but also for any other purpose. The reliance on human writers is getting more and more evident.

This is a very simple feature which will help you to eliminate the online status of a sender. The sender’s account will be hidden from everyone, including your friends and family.

We can find out who is on KM Whatsapp’s servers while surfing on the internet. This works by connecting the phone with an additional app called Google Chrome or Firefox, but none of them work efficiently enough to get this information right in time and relevance.

View Deleted Chats and Status

KM is a Messaging app which enables you to create a private group and share messages privately with people in the group. So far, the only way to view the deleted chats is to download WhatsApp and then switch on “Download all messages”.

In the world of communication, you can’t rely on people’s immediate reaction. Although this is a fact, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be as conservative as possible about it. You can just wait till your friends are ready to bring up their issues.

Through various channels like blogs and social media, you can get instant feedback from your friends on how they feel about certain things in life or their working situations.

When you read a message or reply to one, we see that the sender and receiver are included in the list of persons who have viewed the status. But after deleting a chat, nothing is left on your screen – no profile picture, no name, only “you”. When you delete a chat by yourself, however, we see that there is a person there named “you” even though you don’t want to show your identity on your screen. This page could potentially help developers identify if they have unread messages from those they want to ignore or unread messages.

Hide Typing Status

In the future, we are going to be able to hide typing status of our chats and make it private when we want it. Many people today don’t know how much their data is collected and used by their company. With this feature, you can put the person you are talking to in a different status. The status will be hidden before the conversation starts.

When you receive messages on KM WhatsApp, they are displayed as plain text (without the red highlight) in case you are using the keyboard when composing.

This is the easiest way to hide typing status and make your KM Whatsapp conversation classier. A great example of how this feature can be added on other apps could be when you are using WhatsApp to chat with a friend.

Lock Chat

And that’s it. The users can now have real-time private conversations without even leaving this room. After some time, the user will get a notification that they are in a private conversation with someone. However, if they stop using their phone then their friend would still be able to see whatever is being said in their mobile phone.

To use it, the user just need to download the WhatsApp app and enable “Lock chat”. Then, they simply have to type this line: I will be locked (in an accessible chat).

On the chat screen, you can preview images and sound clips of a text. You can also add other people’s comments and likes to each image. The app locks the “KM” Chat of WhatsApp on any user who he/she has selected as a topic.

The chat is called “Lock Chat”. When there are two or more users, the user who has the Lock Chat option on his lock screen can lock it for everybody. The user can also change it to a message only to select just the desired group of friends or family.


Themes over the years have evolved considerably. So have the best marketing messages. Today, if we are not satisfied with a theme, just change it and keep looking for something that appeals to our minds and hearts.

KM Whatsapp is a messaging app that helps users to share photos and videos in an easy and fun way. But if you try to change the theme, all your existing photos may disappear. To keep things looking the same you need to enable different themes on your phone.

A community of people who abide by the official rules and are not allowed to use themes that do not belong to it. If you wish to download any specific theme, then you are required to have the permission of its developers in order for you to do so.

You can easily search themes on this website and mark them as free public and allow use by other users with no worrys whatsoever. Once you have downloaded them and copied their links, you can then mark these themes as ‘public’ on your profile page by clicking “Mark[ing] as Public”.

How to Download & Install

To download and install KM WhatsApp, the user has to select one of the following three options. KM WhatsApp is a replacement for opening up your email and sending it to another person. It’s a great way to connect with customers.

The steps involved in downloading & installing of KM WhatsApp on your Windows PC/Android:

  1. Firstly, unlock your phone, then connect an internet connection and select the file for download
  2. To install the file, click the Install button after clicking the download File
  3. Enable Unknown Source after some time and wait for a few minutes
  4. After you enter your mobile number, you will need to open an offline message to find the Whatsapp OTP.
  5. Click Allow to ask permission
  6. Setup your customized settings and change your Theme and Interface
  7. Enjoy using the app once installed

These are the most used features of messaging apps, but they are not enough to fully solve all problems. In order to reach the next level of success and adoption, these features must be enhanced in order to allow traders and online marketplaces companies create interactive conversations with their customers.

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FAQs about KM Whatsapp APK Download

KM WhatsApp APK is a mobile application that allows you to send text and pictures for WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger in one app. It does not have chat settings or some other extra features but it does do just that.

You can simply use this app when you are out of WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger apps and send messages without having to install any additional apps or worry about limit settings or other features of these apps. Just like your normal phone book app!

This is the first app that comes to your mind when you hear KM WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a social messaging and communication application that has become one of the most important tools of communications in today’s world. It is one of the largest app on Android as well as iOS. WhatsApp users are using it to share images, videos, textual messages, calls and other kinds of content between people.

There are many add-ons for WhatsApp that allow users to make payments, post advertisements and manage their account settings easily. This app also has a Business version called Avant Garde which allows users to send money without the need for bank issues or third party intermediaries.

Many people are using apps and services to get their favorite ones in order to keep themselves updated. But when it comes to downloading apps, many are stuck on certain versions of apps and latest updates for a long time.

These applications provide different benefits such as lower costs, rapid performance improvements and user friendly interfaces. Furthermore helping their users with the new features – user-friendliness is a key importance of these applications. The app application developers have created more than 10K+ new features in more than 1M+ added new functionalities since 2012! With higher functions, they can also reduce time needed to complete the tasks so they can be fully productive 24 hours a day!

Final Verdict

We have provided useful information on the features of KM WhatsApp and the procedure for how to activate these features. We would like to share what we think will be the best apps in 2017. These are my personal opinions and not a recommendation that you should follow. With this process are done all the things regarding receiving messages on WhatsApp which was discussed in the previous chapter. There is no need for any third party apps anymore and we can focus on getting the best features out of this technology.

KM WhatsApp is being used more and more by users. However, this app is not what it once was and some of the features are no longer available. So the best thing to do is to download this mod APK on your phone and enjoy the amazing features that come with.

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