Ludo STAR MOD APK v1.94.5 Download [Unlimited Money/Gems & No Ads/Premium Unlocked]

Ludo STAR MOD is a mobile game in which players have to run and jump their way to the end of the game. The more they do that, the more points they will get. The player who has the most points at the end of the game wins.


NameLudo STAR
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Version 1.94.5
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
DeveloperGameberry Labs
Google Play


A mobile app with a simple and elegant interface, Ludo STAR is intended for playing on a smartphone. The key part of the game is the ability to design and play games in real time. The aim of this game is to build a house that can be built by other players or by each player himself in his turn after selecting one piece of furniture from the furniture stock shown on screen.

The ambition behind designing Ludo STAR was to make it easy to design buildings of different sizes and shapes, based strictly on images stored in your phone’s camera roll. As soon as you finish a building, it’s automatically saved into your phone for later construction at any point during your progress through the game (including if you die), so that you don’t have to start over at every.

Ludo Stars is a classic board game that has been played for centuries. It’s an easy-to-learn, fun strategy game that the whole family can enjoy. The aim of the game is to capture the king by placing two or more non-promoted pieces (or what we would call “minipops”) on it. The objective is to get your opponent king out of jail, or at least reduce his/her health to zero so you can take over as the king!


When it comes to game rules, an endless number of possibilities exist. Every time you open a new game and start playing, there are situations where new rules need to be added. This is one of the reasons why the game Ludo STAR MOD aims at simplifying the rules for a more efficient experience and making them easy to learn

We live in a world that involves so many things on which we rely on. And yet, very few things seem intuitive to us. For example, you cannot fully appreciate something without seeing it in action or trying it out yourself first. And yet it is hard not too imagine being able to make something like that happen with just your thoughts.

While playing Snap and Ludo STAR MOD APK players need to move their pieces by tapping on screen that gives them something that they need to tap – horizontal or vertical bars like a clock on a wall (or something similar). This game is played for a short amount of time. The player must choose a type of token to play with on the table and move it over to the same side.

Features of Ludo STAR MOD APK

In the game, players take turns to move one of their pieces – a king or a queen – anywhere on the chessboard. The goal is to move your pieces closer to your opponent’s pieces. Taking too long or not moving at all will result in “loses” – you get knocked out by your opponent.

Ludo STAR MOD APK is a board game that has been loved by children for centuries; it’s based on the ancient Indian game Pachis so it is recommended to play this game with your children.

  • Endless Coins: Perform massive games with coins just as much you need.
  • Ads Free: Remove annoying advertisements.

A real-time strategy game that features two teams of players, each trying to capture their opponent’s piece and take it to the centre of the board. The game has new rules every time the rules have been changed in the base edition.

You can play with either three or five players, it is completely online and on-demand, and it has over 50 maps with 15 different scenarios which are never repeated in any other game. If you lose your first turn, you are out until you win your next turn(s). If your team loses its first turn, it is out-of-game until you win again.

Unlimited Money/Gems & No Ads

Ludo Star is a new and amazing app that gives you everything you need to make money. The platform is set up to make the user feel like a millionaire, instead of just making money by playing games. You can earn unlimited money/gems either through in-app purchases or by trading with other users’ gems.

An all-in-one app that gives you everything that you need from earning money, viewing your own stats and buying gems and items in the game world. It’s free to play but once you get the high enough score from all 3 game modes, the game becomes more challenging (you are required to earn a “Powerup”).

It offers unlimited money/gems and no ads. It also doesn’t require internet connection to play. This app is very popular among users because it allows you to earn extra money by sending coins to your friends, which you can use for purchasing gems or gems bundles etc.

How to Install

Ludo STAR MOD is an open source Android application that facilitates players in getting acquainted with Ludo and playing against their friends on any device they want. It is peer-to-peer multiplayer game where players can invite their friends to play against them by using Airdrop (allowing communication over WiFi).

It supports multiple game modes such as Survival Mode, Weapon Use Mode and King/Queen mode among others. It uses a point based system of scoring that means that it does not make use.

You can install Ludo STAR MOD APK on your Android phone or tablet. You can play the game by yourself or with your friends. We are all familiar with the Ludo STAR MOD APP.

It is a game that has been around for over 30 years and is still among the top games in the App Store. In this game, you have to move all your pieces quickly from one side of the board to another, while trying to avoid all kinds of obstacles that appear on your way.

Video Review

FAQs about Ludo STAR MOD APK

Ludo STAR MOD APK is a new type of game where you can earn coins and jewels without playing any matches. It is based on the popular game Ludo, but the app has its own twist which makes it unique.

Ludo STAR MOD is the first and only app that can generate unlimited amounts of coins when you play a game. Ludo STAR MOD has several features that allow it to be used as a powerful game bot.

We have a great news for all Ludo STAR MOD APK users. We found one really good hack to increase the stars of your star mod and we are very happy with our work. The hack is called Ludo Star Mod Hack and has been developed by our trusted circle of developers.

Final Verdict

The Ludo Star MOD APK is a very intriguing game. It gives you the opportunity to earn money by playing this game. But, there is a catch. The way money is earned in this game depends on your time and effort.

After having played this game for some time you can feel the urge of “Why had I spent so much of my time (time and effort) playing this game when it’s already finished and released? Shouldn’t I just stop playing it?”

It was so much fun while playing, but after few days the urge to play this game has faded away… And then came the point when you started thinking why did you spent all that effort in downloading, installing, downloading and installing again this app for multiple devices?

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