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Action games can be played with two people or a single player against a computer opponent. The player controls an avatar, which shoots aliens in different parts of the screen. The main objective of action games is to defeat the computer enemy while shooting it down as fast as possible with cannons, bullets, or mines. In some variants of strategy games that are played as multiplayer modes, one-on-one battles between players is also possible. Some examples are Counter Strike (1997) and Quake (1993) where players fight on a chessboard but without any physical parts attached to it like pieces (mines).

An action game is where the player controls a character in a first-person perspective on a stage in order to defeat an opponent. The goal of the game is to move the character until they reach a set point or endpoint. Typically this will be an object that is hidden from views like an item or something on-screen that can be reached only by moving towards it.