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OBWhatsapp APK Download 2023 [Latest Version/Anti-Ban & Premium Unlocked]

OBWhatsapp APK is a version of WhatsApp that allows you to save messages in the same format that your official WhatsApp chat used to store. It also supports many features such as preventing others from deleting messages and locking chats.

A lot of people are using other apps because they think that their privacy is at risk on WhatsApp. This OBWhatsapp APK can be downloaded from the internet if you don’t want to download it from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store


Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.4+
MOD FeaturesLatest Version/Anti-Ban & Premium Unlocked
DeveloperOmar Bawazeer


OBWhatsapp is a secure, anti-ban messenger that allows a user to send unlimited messages for free, without worrying about their privacy or having to worry about whether their messages get deleted before they have a chance to be seen by the recipient.

This beautiful messenger also has an option for those who love themes like blue, black, and white or any other color you prefer. You can switch the theme at any time from your profile screen or from within your conversation screen.

It has several features that make it unique and popular such as being ad-free and having no limit on how many messages you can send. The app also enables you to change the theme of your Whatsapp conversation.

If you love apps that let you customize the look and feel of an app, then OBWhatsapp will just blow your mind. You can change the theme of your WhatsApp the way you like it, and you can hide the blue ticks and the second tick. All that, without having to leave your current WhatsApp theme!

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The world is changing in an unprecedented pace, and so is the way we communicate. With social media barring our daily lives and messaging apps like WhatsApp becoming more popular, it’s imperative for developers to keep up with the latest trends.

The latest update of OB Whatsapp APK includes a new feature called App Lock. With this feature, users can lock their chat as they offer privacy options that include scanning through one’s phone and using face recognition technology to prevent unauthorized access to your messages or chats.

OB Whatsapp APK has also been updated with a new notification system which allows you to see when you receive messages from your friends without having to open up the app on your phone.

Since the release of the latest feature that allows you to send videos and audios directly from your phone, WhatsApp has been providing their users with plenty of updates. With these new updates, WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular among its users. This is why we need to be careful when updating our app since it might cause some problems in the future.

Features of OBWhatsapp

OB WhatsApp is a new take on the traditional black-and-white design of WhatsApp. It has a color interface and the most unique feature is the color of WhatsApp, which all interfaces carry the color burg.

The most unique feature of OBWhatsapp is its color interface, which all interfaces carry the burgundy hue that makes it stand out from other text-only apps. The app also uses “instant emojis” and “fast-forwarding” in conversations to make sure that users are able to be more productive with their time on messenger.

You will see different colors for its interface depending on your location or the time of day. It’s also customizable and it can be used on multiple devices. OB Whatsapp stands out from other text-only apps because of its rustic burgundy interface, instant emojis, and fast-forwarding features.


The OBWhatsApp app for Android and iOS is a secure messenger with end-to-end encryption. The app allows you to hide your online status and also hides the last seen time you were online. It allows you to contact other people without their knowing that you are behind an account.

This app offers the user with a lot of features that are focused towards the safety and security. The app hides your online status, last seen, typing and recording keystrokes, preventing others to view your message history.

  • Hide your online status and the last seen.
  • Hide “Typing” and “Recording”, when you type or record ant audio.
  • Prevent others from deleting their messages.
  • See others’ status without them knowing.
  • Prevent others from deleting their status.

Hacking applications is a serious risk to users’ privacy, especially when it comes to apps like WhatsApp. With the latest addition, OBWhatsapp, this app can even prevent others from deleting messages.

In the world of social media, we often feel the need to show our positivity or hidden emotions. However, sometimes people might not want others to know about their true thoughts and intentions.

OB WhatsApp Themes

OB WhatsApp themes are designed to make your conversations more lively and engaging. This will help you have more fun and interesting conversations with your friends. You can combine different themes, too – for example, you can use a romantic theme for the conversation about how much your partner loves you. Or maybe a nostalgic theme when you talk about what you remember from long ago.

With over 4000 themes to choose from, you can find a theme that suits your business. Whether you want a creative theme or one with functionality, they have it all!

The store has over 4000 themes! These themes are categorized into 6 different categories that can be used for any kind of conversation: Friendships, Relationships, Self-improvement Goals, Memories, Kids & Pets, and Entertainment. It also comes with an option to apply a theme outside the store to create something unique for your chats.

Themes in WhatsApp are designed to increase your productivity as well as improve user experience. If you want to get more out of WhatsApp, why don’t you try one of these themes?

Add Auto Reply

Add auto reply to any message that contains certain words and set the time that you would like to automatically reply. This is a feature that will make your WhatsApp experience a breeze. You can set this up to work on all your messages, or just one specific contact so that you can catch up faster.

A feature that allows you to automatically send an auto response in a conversation. This tool can come in handy when you are too busy or are unable to respond to an individual right away.

A chatbot, also known as a text-based artificial intelligence application, helps users carry out various tasks from messaging, to seeking information and route planning. This feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Setting up a time for an auto reply allows you to give the person a quick and clear message without having to respond back. These responses can be set up in minutes, which could save hours of your time in the long run

Back Up Chats

You can always keep a backup of your chats if any update happens. This way you will never lose them when you. You can also back up the entire data of your phone

You don’t have to worry about losing important chats or data. You can backup your conversations, photos and videos in the cloud and access them from anywhere from any device. WhatsApp has been providing this option for three years now, but only recently have companies and individuals started to take advantage of it.

WhatsApp is a platform that has revolutionized the way people communicate, share information and stay in touch with friends and family. You can keep your important chats and data by backing them up on your device.

Back-up chats are created when a contact is sent an OBMessage or an OBMessage is sent to the group chats. In both these cases, the sender’s message gets copied and forwarded to the back-up chat inbox of that contact. If a person wants to wipe his/her account from WhatsApp’s history, it will remove all his/her conversations with that person from the phone after 10 minutes.

How to Install

OB Whatsapp is a popular application for users of different age groups such as students, chat lovers, and young adults. If you want to install the app on your device, you will need to make sure that your phone is compatible before proceeding with anything else.

When you download the correct version of OB WhatsApp, you can begin to use it. The first thing that your phone will ask for is your phone number. Please enter in your contact number and make sure it is a valid one.

  • Click on the download button at the bottom of the page, and it will take you to the download page
  • After downloading the file, check the download folder of your phone
  • Now go to the security option of your mobile in the settings and enable the unknown sources
  • After that, tap on the downloaded file, and it will start installing and will be completed in a few seconds
  • Now check you’re installed, and you will see the icon of OBWhatsapp, tap on it and start using the app

This application will then connect to the internet and see if there are any updates on your device. If there are updates, a notification will appear where you can update the app by clicking on “Update Now.” If this doesn’t work, try to uninstall and reinstall the app and connect again.

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FAQs about OBWhatsapp APK Download

OBWhatsapp is a social messaging app that is the latest addition to the OB family. It was acquired in 2017 by WhatsApp Inc. The app allows users to chat with their friends and family over mobile, desktop and web right form their devices.

The main goals of OBWhatsapp are to be able to offer community-based support for parents, to provide information about their children’s development stages through real time messaging and group chat features, as well as being able to offer customized content for different age groups.

An OBWhatsapp APK download allows users to install the application without having to install it from an external website or a third-party app store. It saves them time by not having to wait for installation permissions as this is done by the main developer.

Final Verdict

OBWhatsapp is the free version of WhatsApp. It allows you to back up your chats and data regularly in case of any update happens – this way you will never lose them when you reinstall or restore the app.

The official app package for an Android device which contains instructions on how to install an application on a device’s operating system. It also includes information about permissions, size, and other details that are needed for a good installation of an app without problems.

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