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School of Chaos MOD APK v1.854 Download [No Ads/Unlimited Money & VIP Unlocked]

The school of chaos is a party with a dark reputation. The students can be seen as messy, drunk and loud. Although they have it all locked up in their suitcases, they are not going anywhere soon. Their very existence will be threatened if they don’t learn how to control it themselves.

Mod Apk is a popular game among the young enthusiasts and it was created by the same group behind school of chaos. There are two versions of the game for Android – one being an “official” version and other being a server mod. This article will focus on the mod apk as we see that is has more than 400K downloads.


NameSchool of Chaos Online MMORPG
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Version 1.854
MOD FeaturesNo Ads/Unlimited Money & VIP Unlocked
CategoryRole Playing
DeveloperVNL Entertainment Ltd
Google Play Linkcom.vnlentertainment.mmoproject


As for the school of chaos mod apk unlimited money and vip, the mod replaces all of the purchased objects with free currency. The game will be updated regularly with new features, like more characters, weapons, maps and other items that can be bought using this money.

This is really an interesting project because it will give players a way to gain some funds without spending real money on things that they want to purchase. This will definitely help them with their gaming addiction by making it possible to buy everything they want in an easier method than through real money.

The school of chaos mod apk looks like a version of free-to-play MMORPG modes, where players are given unique bonus points in order to defeat their enemies and gain more power and riches. The game remains fun while you play, but once you hit level 99 (the maximum level attainable in this game), your power goes up exponentially – until it becomes too much for your body to handle.

In this game you have to get through different levels by evading enemies, collecting valuable gold, and unleashing your best spells. At a school of chaos, you need to find out how to escape from prison-like rooms (training mode). When you succeed in training mode for a level, you unlock a level called escape room mode. In this mode it’s possible to reach your goal without losing any life points or time.

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Gameplay is like a real life, where you must go through the different difficulty levels to get all the items and awards. The game also includes various difficulties to make it more exciting. You can choose between up-down or left/right movement controls so that you can feel as if your action depends on your direction in the real life world.

In this game, you have to build up a castle by getting your own units and placing them in your base. You need to collect resources in order to construct more walls, roofs and doors inside the castle. From there, you should be able to attack your enemy’s forces and take care of their economy. In this game, it is important for you to choose which units are going to be placed in which place.

A game can be explained as a set of rules and in order to play the game, the player needs to follow rules. The school of chaos Mod is an app which contains all kind of rules which are established by the developers.

School Of Chaos MOD Apk Android Game Play The mod replaces classic RPG style with school-like atmosphere, where you will fight against other characters as well as monsters. It has more than 100 hand-made levels (4 worlds) for you to play on your own or with your friends online. In addition, playing this game will make you believe in the possibility of something greater than yourself!

Study Anywhere In The School

With the help of ‘Anywhere in school of school of chaos’ APK you can find yourself and explore wonderful places that are not available in your local area. This game is just like a real adventure, where you can test your understanding and intelligence by solving the challenges that await you.

The first few days of school were fun, but then it got boring. Most of the time you were forced to sit still and without any entertainment devices to escape boredom. You tried your best to get some exercise by playing a games, but after a while the boredom got too strong and you gave up on them almost automatically, since most games don’t offer you much excitement anymore anyways.

Study Anywhere in School of School of Chaos MOD APK is an interesting iOS app developed by the school itself, which has created by using augmented reality technology and augmented reality game development techniques. It offers students an opportunity to experience various places in their school throughout the year utilizing virtual reality technology with augmented reality game mechanics – all without leaving their classroom environment!

Features of School Of Chaos MOD APK

The School of Chaos is a school that decides its own curriculum. The players are able to choose their own teachers and make their own schedules while they are in school. The platform is based on the Unreal Engine which makes the use beautiful and visually appealing. It also allows you to experiment with different visual effects, sounds effects and various furniture types.

The school’s main feature is its freedom. This means that you can play in the school anywhere you want without worrying about a specific location or time.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything

Unlike other games that only offers a lack of actual content, “School of Chaos MOD APK” is packed with more than enough content for all kinds of players. From 100+ weapons and armor in one place (1:1) to hundreds of unique female characters, you’ll find everything that you need in one package. A whole new way to play a game!

Play With Your Friends 

Play With Your Friends of School Of Chaos MOD APK is a location based game that lets you get to know other students. It is an environment which concentrates on friendship and peer relationship and there are various social activities which you can do together with your friends.

The game is divided into several levels, with each level having a different set of obstacles to overcome and different characters too.

This app is the most popular one in the school of chaos and contains a lot of fun features. Let’s explore how to play with people at the school of chaos – cheating or your friends. You can’t play with your friends but you can enjoy the game itself. There are many people in the school of chaos who don’t understand why they are there and wo No products found in this category at the moment.

Play with your Pals

The School of Chaos Cheat is a bundle of all your favorite iOS game, but with a twist.

It will be your own customized version of the game, in which you can unlock lots of things. The experience will be more fun and engaging than when playing the original version of the game. You can get more achievements, increase your level and get extra items and powerups from this.

Play with your pals of School Of Chaos Cheat APK. You will be able to meet a lot of people at the School of Cheat APK. They are either your allies or your friends. If you want to play with them, then you must know their characteristics and personalities and make sure that you don’t spoil them.

It’s quite easy to use, just tap the little icon in the top right corner of your screen and you’ll find that it’s ready to go. From there, you have four options: Chat with My Allies, Contain Your Friends, Talk With Anybody & Chat With All My Friends/Enemies.


In the School of Chaos MOD APK, the player can learn how to play the game in order to become stronger. In order to see why School of Chaos MOD APK is so great and why it is good for players at all skill levels, let me briefly introduce what it is and what its objectives are.

School of Chaos Mod APK is a hack tool that allows users to get the best out of the game by offering all kinds of missions, in order to make it more fun and also easier. We can also play this game in our free time. But when it comes to school, we have a lot of homework, projects and other regular activities.

This MOD APK involves playing the game in order to become more powerful. This makes sense when you think about it in terms of your career as a copywriter. By doing so, you will be able to show off your skills and your passion on behalf of clients who are always looking for fresh ideas.


This is an action-packed, indie game that brings together elements from a variety of genres. The game features 3D fighters and platformers, as well as a fully customizable character editor and customizations.

“Imagine a game where you have to run around as an alien and shoot at enemies with your laser weapon. Do that for a few minutes and you’ll understand the idea behind this MOD Apk. School of Chaos is an awesome 3D sandbox first-person shooter with awesome graphics and stunning effects.

With School of Chaos MOD, you can pretend to be a student in the school of chaos by changing the appearance and color and setting your own classes at any time. The game has a maximum number of characters for each class. Each class has its own attributes: strength, spirit and combat ability.

A unique sandbox environment for Storytelling with 3D graphics that won’t let you down. With dynamic trees, animals, waterfalls, lakes etc., this game will make you feel like being in a painting; with its dynamic lighting system which creates a perfect environment for your characters.

Free to use

Cheats introduce you to the School of Chaos, the “ultimate sandbox”, where you can create your own characters and equipment. You can join an NPC as a free player, which means you are free to do whatever in the game. The game includes all sorts of challenges, such as battles and exploring on your own.

It’s easy to play: You just need to run along walls, jump over obstacles, climb ledges and avoid obstacles. Everything seems so easy, but it’s not! The gameplay is designed to be fun and challenging – there are loads of ways to die! And no, it won’t take you very long before you’re addicted!”

The School Of Chaos is an AR game inspired by the first-person shooter genre popular in the 90s and inspired by popular movies like “Halo” and “Tomb Raider”. However, unlike these games, it is not a competitive game, but rather allows you to try to achieve your goals without ever having to kill anyone or follow a clearly defined path.

How to Download & Install

Welcome to the School of Chaos Mod Apk App Download our latest and upcoming Game hack mod that we have just released. We don’t promise you to be compatible with existing game versions but we’ll be adding more and more new features in the future. This is a mod that can help you by letting you play your favorite Android Games without any problem!

The game is created by team of CS creators. It takes place in a futuristic world where cyber-terrorism has escalated and global warfare has become an everyday reality. The world’s most famous and famous player, the hacker School of Chaos, has been appointed leader of the cyber-warriors and global powers to face off against their enemies.

Install the steps:

  1. Download “School of Chaos MOD APK”. 
  2. Install Download Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  3. Open the Installer, and complete your process.
  4. Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  5. Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources.
  6. Enjoy!

School of Chaos Mod is the only new version released for this mod ever. While other versions were compatible with previous version, it was not possible to update them without uninstalling previous versions from your phone(s). Added some new functions to hacking process: Removed skills reset option when starting hack for first time Added ability to delete modules/weapons/supplies on pause/.

Video Review

FAQs about School Of Chaos MOD APK

The School of Chaos is a hacking educational curriculum and it is one of the most successful creative hacking courses on the planet today. With the help of this course, you will be able to learn about a wide range of skills like security awareness, penetration testing, forensics and digital forensics.

These are all that are available out there right now and they do not really have an official name, but they get their names based on different situations. However all of them have features that are similar, but also quite different in terms of features and usage, though we will talk about these in detail later on. The game is about creating chaos in the World of MOD. The game is played with a lot of different possibilities in mind, such as designing buildings, cities and even whole planets with your imagination.

The school is organized by the “Crazies”, who are those who want to do something all crazy for a day, and the school is just the platform for them to do that. The school does not have a single administrative body. It has many members and one of them would be taking care of everything and everybody else will take care of their specific job.

Final Verdict

School of Chaos Mod is an Android game that you can change the way the game works, so I have decided to write this review where I will tell you everything that you need to know about it. This mod is designed by Renegade and it has two main parts: Prisoner and Gradual.

No need to be scared of the new School of Chaos MOD APK, it is an amazing application that has been made by the School of Chaos team and it has been created with quality innovation. It is an Android application designed to enhance the game and make your game experience better. This app uses a tons of features which include power in the game but still keeps its simplicity at heart. This application helps you to get powerful in real life and give you much more fun out of your hard earned cash.

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