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SwiftSave APK v16.0 Download [Photo/Video Downloader & Premium Unlocked]

SwiftSave APK Cracked is an app that has this great function where it can automatically download pictures and videos on your phone. Downloading pictures and videos from the web has never been easier with SwiftSave APK. With this app, you can now save pictures and videos from anywhere in the world.


Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Version 16.0
MOD FeaturesPhoto/Video Downloader & Premium Unlocked
Google Play Linkinsta.vidmateapp


SwiftSave Apk is a smart app that makes social media posting easier and more hassle-free. It lets you to quickly and easily save your multiple photos and videos directly to the app. You can also repost them straight in your feed without any limitations.

The app has been downloaded over 26,600 times since its launch over a year ago, with 6,000 new users signing up each month. It has been praised for its ease of use by users who have reported that it saves time for them when uploading content.

You just need to tap the camera icon in your browser to snap a picture or take a video, then it will be saved straight into your account. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. As you can save images on the fly, there’s no need for a camera app anymore! SwiftSave Apk Cracked is the most reliable tool for posting content in just one tap on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

SwiftSave APK is a new tool for saving public photos and videos on Android. You can save any public photos and videos you find including your Tagged, Bookmarks, Display Picture (DP) and Save Stories.


Gallery app has been designed with a smooth and beautiful look. With Gallery, you can now save videos offline, sort photos and videos by username or date, and repost or share your favorite moments.

SwiftSave is an app that lets you watch saved videos offline. Whether it be a video saved right before the bus pulled away or a YouTube video you downloaded, this app makes sure that you never miss out on watching your favorite videos again.

This app also has a gallery of uploaded videos and photos so you can find your favorites with ease. In addition to these features, SwiftSave also has the ability to sort by username or date so finding what you are looking for is easy and hassle-free.

With this app, you can save your videos and images to your device for offline viewing. It has a captivating slideshow with transition effects and a smart media player that makes it easy to watch videos right on the screen of your device without the need for apps like YouTube or Plex.

Features of SwiftSave APK

The app allows you to save unlimited videos and photos directly to your gallery. It comes with integrated search functionality so you can find what you’re looking for in no time at all. You can also share these media files with friends through text messages or Facebook Messenger chat system.

In terms of profile search, you can use SwiftSave as an effective way to find people on social media with similar interests or age range as yourself. As for likes and shares – this feature is available on Facebook too but it has already been proven that people more interested in sharing content than liking content on Facebook.

  • Download unlimited videos and photos directly to your gallery.
  • Search profile by Username, Hashtags & Location.
  • Like and Share Videos that you love
  • Save album(carousal) post in one click
  • Download Popular/Bookmarked/Tagged Photos & Videos
  • Repost with auto-copy hashtags & caption.
  • Profile picture downloader of any user in HD.
  • Save Stories before they disappear in 24 hours.
  • Password Protection with a 4 digit PIN (also fingerprint for compatible devices)

SwiftSave APK is an app that allows users to download unlimited videos and photos directly to their gallery. The app also allows users to search profiles by Username, Hashtags & Location, like and share the stories they like.

Photo/Video Downloader & Premium Unlocked

With SwiftSave, you can save any image or video before it disappears from the internet. With this, you can create an album of any interest, like your journeys or albums about sports; so that others can enjoy it for years to come.

SwiftSave is a professional photo & video downloader app with a built-in Repost feature. SwiftSave gives you the power to repost on social media and to add an album of your own photos and videos on a unique URL.

For a monthly subscription fee of $4.99/month, But here Free SwiftSave allows you to view grid view photos with a cover feed, swipe left for comments and likes, tap on the arrow icon in the top right corner and download your favorite images.

The SwiftSave app automatically saves your stories before they disappear in 24 hours. You can also set up password protection with a 4 digit PIN code that prevents unauthorized access to your media library.

How to Install

SwiftSave APK is the newest and easiest way to save the picture you see on Instagram. The app allows users to save any picture they open in Instagram to their phone, which is convenient and can be reliable.

You don’t have a hard time installing SwiftSave APK because of its automatic installer – just open it from your phone’s browser and click install!

How To Use SwiftSave (SwiftSave) for save InstaDp:

  • Open swift save app.
  • Now click on InstaDp Icon in upper right.
  • Paste user name or profile URL of any user in Instagram.
  • Click Download for Save Image / Picture / Photo on your device.

First of all, with this solution you will be able to download any image or video from a website and save it to your phone’s camera roll instead of having to use the browser’s built-in tools or try another free solution like Pinterest save button which only works in Safari browser.

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FAQs about SwiftSave APK

With SwiftSave, you can easily share beautiful pictures and videos with your followers. With this free app for Android, you don’t need an account or any log-in details because SwiftSave is totally free and a no sign up required.

SwiftSave is an app that helps you to easily save and post high-quality videos and images from Instagram without leaving the app. The process is quite simple – the user must download and install the app, follow a few steps, then they can start saving photos or videos.

No, When you save a public photo or video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform it is saved to your Device Gallery. And when you install the SwiftSave app, you can quickly view and save any public photos and videos right from your device gallery.

Final Verdict

Downloading pictures and videos from the web has never been easier with SwiftSave APK. With this app, you can now save pictures and videos from anywhere in the world. That’s why it’s time to take the next step to have more fun with your pictures and videos!

Download them from Instagram and share them on your social media networks directly through our app, all without having to save or upload anything first! It is so easy to use! You can easily download images and videos on your phone without the hassle. Furthermore, with SwiftRepost, you can share any picture or video that you have saved on your phone with any social network like Instagram or Twitter.

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