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TM WhatsApp APK Download (Updated) 2023 [Latest Version/Anti-Ban & Premium Unlocked]

We are happy to announce that we have another exciting MOD of the time that is TM WhatsApp. It is an exclusive version of your WhatsApp that provides a lot more features and customization than the original WhatsApp. If you want to download this MOD and get all the features, then read on!

TM WhatsApp is that it’s not an app – it’s a theme for your current app. All you have to do is download the MOD, apply it, and you’re good to go! Installing this MOD will change your entire look and feel of your WhatsApp app with cool new icons, fonts, stickers and much more. You can also customize many aspects of TM whatsApp like changing notification tones or theme colors or even adding privacy shortcuts!


NameTM Whatsapp
Updated 3 Hours Ago
Compatible with Android 4.4+
MOD FeaturesLatest Version/Anti-Ban & Premium Unlocked
DeveloperTitus Mukisa


This application is used by people so they can make a conversation between two or more. The app is the most popular one in this century and it is the easiest way to make a conversation. The app also has many features that are available for people, such as Android OS and it’s free to download. All of these features give people an easier way to create a conversation and also keep in touch with their friends, family and others.

One of the most important feature is that it does not require you to pay for any type of services and it is free for everyone. The size of the application comes under 45.84 MBs that is manageable for an android version and this makes it suitable for a vast section of mobile users.

Moreover, TM WhatsApp APK Download has a group chat function that can be used with up to 30 people at one time, so if you want to talk with more than one person at once then this app is perfect for you.

It supports instant messaging and voice calls and has been used around the world. The size of the app is manageable and this makes it one of the best alter in the country. The interface is also easy to use on an android phone.


The rise of smartphones has lead to an increase in the number of people who own them. Today, many of these individuals have numerous apps installed on their device because it makes their lives so much easier. One such app is TM WhatsApp, which is an instant messaging service that was created back in 2009. This app can be used by anyone and it allows you to chat with people even when they are not on yours.

TM WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the application is updated frequently. The new update includes a number of new functions and improvements, including TM WhatsApp Web support in Chrome, number editing, and a new design for chats with friends and family.

The TM WhatsApp APK is the latest update of WhatsApp that can be downloaded from the website. This application is simple to use and has excellent results while taking up minimal space on your device. You can find it in Android’s Playstore or download it from their website.

This application is easy to use and update, and it produces excellent results while taking up minimal storage space on your device. The user interface of TMWhatsApp is both appealing and outstanding. It’s a simple app to use, and many of the features and options available in WhatsApp are also available here. The only downside is that it only has a web-based interface.

Features of TM Whatsapp

Commenting on the quality of UI design, I can say that this app is packed with appealing and outstanding features. I love its simplicity and features because many of them are also available in WhatsApp, but what sets this apart from other apps is its web-based interface which will not work on mobile phones or tablets.

This app allows users to make video calls, send texts and pictures through video, send stickers and its popular feature of sending PUBG stickers. This would be an entry-level messaging service for users with a low budget to use.

  • Increase Status Upload Videos 30 Second to 1 Hour
  • Hide Your Particular Chat
  • Send Multiple Message in Many Contacts
  • Automatic Reply at Any Time
  • New Style Themes
  • Set Low Data Use Option
  • Create Unlimited Group
  • Set Schedule Messages it’s Very Helpful
  • Change Top App Name

TM Whatsapp app is a highly popular messaging and voice calling service. A lot of people tend to use this app for personal reasons, but businesses also use this app for their own needs as well. Some features that are on the Whatsapp include sharing photos, videos, contacts and documents through the app so that it can be shared with others easily and quickly.


The majority of individuals are not aware of the level of security that this app offers. The information that is shared through Whatsapp is encrypted and there is no leakage to any third party. With the recent development of the company, it has started collaborating with other companies and thousands of users to ensure there are no threats to privacy.

The app can be used for free by the users and it does not require any subscription fees to use the app. It allows the user to send text messages including photos, videos, voice clips, documents, contact information and location information in a chat format.

The idea of an app that grants full control to its users has always appealed to people. TM WhatsApp is one such app which is being used by a lot of people these days. Read on to know more about this application and how it has changed the way we communicate with each other.

Your contacts can continue chatting from different devices as well as across other applications on the same device if they use the same account. If you want to delete your chat history on TM Whatsapp and make it disappear.

Customized Themes

Themes are an important part of any app. It is a way for the developers to showcase their creativity and let users customize their experience. WhatsApp has always been about personalization and this is one of the features that make it stand out from other messaging apps.

With multiple theme library has been added to it. Use any theme as background or change the entire interface f application by selecting another one, can WhatsApp become more personalized than ever before?

Ticking off a major request from our users, we’ve added a theme library to Whatsapp that allows you to use any theme as background or change the entire interface of the app according to your preference.

For first time Whatsapp users, this can be very helpful in learning about all the different features and aspects of the app. Plus it’s really easy to toggle between themes whenever you like too!

Automatic Reply

This messaging service has always been a major source of convenience for customers. Now, with this latest update, it has become even more convenient.

We can now take care of our live activities without interrupting them. All we need is an Android smartphone and the latest version of Whatsapp TM.

Well, when you have a meeting, after activating this mode, your phone will stop making noise for messages and calls for a set period of time. It will automatically reply to any messages that are still pending by sending out!

A generic message like “I’m in a meeting right now” or just notifying the person that you’ve read their message with one tap on an icon (we all know how it feels to send an important message to someone and get no response!).

Hide Conversation

Although this new update is still in beta, it has been rolled out on Android since late last year. There are some disadvantages in relation to hiding away messages that you have sent but not yet read by the recipient.

Some people have expressed worries that they will no longer remember who they have been chatting with if the message is hidden and not shown on their home screen or notification bar.

The most popular messaging app, TM WhatsApp, has made changes to its privacy features which now allow you to hide your conversations from the notification area and home screen of the application.

In the latest version of TM Whatsapp, users can hide their conversation from the notification area and home screen. This feature is only available to those who have a private account.

How to Install

Some countries, including China and Vietnam, restrict the use of WhatsApp by banning it. To install the app, you need a mobile with low capacity or a smartphone if your mobile has low capacity. The backup is necessary if you want to use Whatsapp on other devices than your own.

When you have a problem downloading the Whatsapp, it is necessary to know how to install the Whatsapp. You can use the download link if you don’t have to download. It only takes one minute, and you can get your data back by saving the backup of your cell phone.

  • If your mobile has low capacity then delete the original version of Whatsapp (it’s optional).
  • the backup is necessary if you want your deleted media back. if you won’t save it, you can lose your data.
  • From the chat setting, you can back up the data in cloud storage.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” from the device setting, otherwise, you will not be able to download the APK apps.
  • Get TM WhatsApp APK file from google.
  • Click on the APK file and download it.
  • Installation can take a few seconds or minutes.
  • Click on the Open button after complete installation.
  • Click on “Agree and Continue”.
  • Put your phone number.
  • Click on “Copy WhatsApp Data”.
  • Backup your account if you want the previous one or you can create a new one.

This application will then connect to the internet and see if there are any updates on your device. If there are updates, a notification will appear where you can update the app by clicking on “Update Now.” If this doesn’t work, try to uninstall and reinstall the app and connect again.

Video Review

FAQs about TM WhatsApp APK Download

TM WhatsApp is a third-party application for WhatsApp that brings some extra features to the user experience. The developer of the app is Titus Mukisa who created TM WhatsApp by adding some extra features like video calling, group chat for 100 users and custom themes.

Users can use this application on any device with Android 4.2 or later as this app has a Android Package Kit which automatically updates the app every time there is a new release.

You can send a video or photo for up to 1 hour which looks like WhatsApp Status. You can also hide the particular chat you want to keep in secret unless you want to let people know about it. You will also be able to send a message in many contacts at once with just one click of the button.

The easiest way to download TM WhatsApp is from the iphone app store. To do this, you need to type in “TM WhatsApp” and then follow the instructions on the app store page. For Android devices, there are two options: a) download WhatsApp from If your device doesn’t have access to or doesn’t update automatically.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict TM WhatsApp APK Download software as a small package with a bulk of innovative programs. The features, security system, and private policies lead Fouad Mohamed Eissa Aboul-Eid to recommend this app to everyone who needs privacy and data protection in his or her messaging apps.

The app is simple and easy to use and the simplicity is what makes it attractive for many people. However, this does not mean that the options you have to customize and personalize your experience are lacking.

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